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99 Roses Marry Me Bouquet

$650.00 MYR

Size: Height: +/-80cm Width: +/-100cm

Appreciative Imported Flower Basket

$450.00 MYR

Size: Height:+/- 52cm Width: +/- 45cm

Arty Cotton Flower Bouquet

$260.00 MYR

Dried flowers are completely on-trend at the moment. The dried flower and preserved product trends are influenced by trends that arise in other sectors.  Materials: - Cotton Flower - Dry Imported Rose - Statice - Eucalyptus - Caspia - Dusty...

Beauty of Hope Bouquet

$160.00 MYR

Size:  Height: +/-28cm Width: +/- 22cm

Blackie Succulent Plant

$85.00 MYR

Size: Height: +/- 10.5cm Width: +/- 10.5cm

Bliss Garden Terrarium Succulent

$150.00 MYR

Current Height (including pot) +/- 12.5cm Pot Covers +/- 12.5cm Position: Indoor only. Place it in a bright spot : filtered sunlight ( beside windows etc.). Ensure good air ventilation. Growth of Rate: Slow Home...

Blossom Memory Dry Flower Box

$170.00 MYR

Size:  Height: +/-28cm Width: +/- 30cm

Blue Spirits Preserved Flower Bouquet

$280.00 MYR

Size: Height: +/-35cm Width: +/- 29cm

Cactus Mix Dome

$65.00 MYR

Cactus Mix Dome

$65.00 MYR

Size: Height: +/-15cm

Chic-looking Dry Flower Box (Size S, M, L)

$190.00 MYR

Box Size: S: 17x14cm M: 20x17cm L: 23x19.5cm

Showing 1 - 12 of 101 item(s)