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Love You, My Dear Rose Balloon Box

$350.00 MYR

Box Size: L: 23x19.5cm Total Size: +/-90cm x 90cm

Healing Love Fresh Flower Bouquet

$280.00 MYR

Size: Height: +/-40cm Width: +/-38cm

Premium Princess Fruits Flower Box

$300.00 MYR

Size:  Height: +/-65cm Width: +/-55cm - Grapes - Apple - Mini Orange - Pear - Orange - Strawberry  - Cherry - Kiwi - Seasonal Flowers *Fruits and Flowers may be replaced base on seasonal availability...

Queen Love Flower Bouquet

$500.00 MYR

Size: Height: +/- 65cm Width: +/- 80cm

Botanical Beauty Flower Box

$280.00 MYR

Botanical Splendid Beauty for a breeze to be charmed by the allure of this delicate bloom. Size: Height: +/- 45cm Width: +/- 40cm