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Carnation & Rose Mix Flower Bouquet (Size XS, S, M, L)

$90.00 MYR

Carnation & Rose Mix Flower Bouquet Materials: - Carnation - Rose - Dusty Miller - Sweet Williams   Size: Height: +/- 25cm Width: +/- 25cm *photo shown is size M 

Detox Fruits Gift Box

$160.00 MYR

Detox Fruits Gift Box

$160.00 MYR

An exotic fresh fruit basket full of warm climate cheer - the perfect way to send a basket of sunshine.  Materials: - Imported Rose - Imported Chamomile - Eustoma - Wild Flowers - Juicy Fresh Fruits including Apple, Orange, Kiwi, Strawberry

Only Rose Flower Bouquet

$35.00 MYR

Size:  Height: +/-22cm Width: +/- 18cm

Cotton Love-Shaped Dry Flower Bouquet

$135.00 MYR

Cotton is almost magical in that it is a plant that grows cotton wool balls, literally.  It showcase love as pure and simple as cotton ball. Just love, it's just as that simple. *design will be random Height:...

Lovey Cookies Gift Set

$190.00 MYR

Size: Diameter: +/- 25cm  Gift can be changed. Please whatapps us +60177506095 on your preference. 

Spring Blossom Flower Box

$180.00 MYR

The box of blossom is the goddess of love, beauty, and renew, and as such the daisy came by symbolize new beginnings. Materials: - Gerbera - Spray Rose - Lanuginosa - Seasonal Tiny Mixed Flowers - Eucalyptus...

Thank you Ferrero Rocher Flower Box

$200.00 MYR

Materials: - Ferrero Rocher - Gerbera - Spray Rose - Cotton Flower - Eustoma - Craspedia - Silver Brunia - Mix of Seasonal Flowers   Size: 24cm x 24cm

Dry Flower Frame

$145.00 MYR

Dry Flower Frame

$145.00 MYR

Dry Flower Frame As a decorative item to bright up a full corner.  Home, office, studio, resort or more... Size: 12cm x 16cm

3 Roses Flower Bouquet

$99.90 MYR

A quick pick on the all time favorite 3 roses flower bouquet. Our florist will mix and match a fresh bunch of bouquet for you.  Materials: - Roses - Eustoma - Seasonal Matching Flowers -...

Roundy Glows Pink Flower Bouquet (size S, M, L)

$200.00 MYR

A classic symbol of grace and elegance, the pink hydrangea is often given as a token of admiration and appreciation. Whether they're for your best friend, fiancée or ever-dependable cubicle mate, a pink hydrangea bouquet will create a...

Dry Flower Lover Photo Frame

$100.00 MYR

Display your treasured memories in this Photo Frame Cover Photo Album. It comes in size of 6 inch (4R), 7 inch (5R), 8 inch (6R), 10 inch (8R).

Showing 1 - 12 of 38 item(s)