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2 or 3 Stalks Rose Bouquet

$60.00 MYR

2 Stalks Rose Bouquet Materials: - Rose - Dry Lavender - Pavifolia Leaf - Wax Flower   Size: Palm Size Bouquet (2 Stalks) Height: +/-20cm Width: +/-15cm   (3 Stalks) Height: +/-25cm Width: +/-18cm  ...

Cotton Love-Shaped Dry Flower Bouquet

$135.00 MYR

Cotton is almost magical in that it is a plant that grows cotton wool balls, literally.  It showcase love as pure and simple as cotton ball. Just love, it's just as that simple. *design will be random Height:...

Puffy Pink Flower Bouquet

$150.00 MYR

Size: Height: +/- 25cm Width: +/- 20cm Materials: - Rose - Eustoma - Chamomile - Astilbe - Baby Breath - Eucalyptus 

Fairy Lady Flower Bouquet

$100.00 MYR

Materials: - Rose - Eustoma - Eucalyptus - Seasonal Imported Flower Mix   Size: Height: +/-30cm Width: +/-25cm   *estimated size for 5 stalks rose bouquet (as sample photo)

Cotton Flower Bouquet

$180.00 MYR

Cotton Flower Bouquet

$180.00 MYR

Cotton flower is commonly used in Korean graduation flower that represents best wishes for future. With a touch of imported spray rose to brighten up the whole bouquet look and feel for this joyous graduation...

Sunny Shine Up Sunflower Bouquet

$160.00 MYR

To make a situation more pleasant or enjoyable; to make one happier. Brighten up (the) day! Materials: - Imported Sunflower - Peacock - Caspia  - Wild Leaf *photo shown is size M (5 stalks) *color theme...

Refreshing Hydrangea Bouquet

$160.00 MYR

Hydrangeas have serious staying-power, so if you're going for a timeless, romantic bouquet look, consider adding these soft, elegant flowers into the mix!  Green, White and Yellow matching gives a clean elegance look for the classic her. Materials:...

Heart-Shaped Pure Love Bouquet

$230.00 MYR

Heart-Shaped Rustic Flower Bouquet She likes natural, sports, outdoor activities. A bouquet designed for an outgoing personality. Materials: - Rose - Eucalyptus Nuts - Silver Dollars *photo shown is size M

Lavender Dream Dance Preserved Flower Bouquet

$160.00 MYR

Size: Height: +/-35cm Width: +/-30cm Materials: - Preserved Lavender - Preserved Tiny Poppy Flower - Bunny Bush Tail - France White Plum

Good Day Flower Bouquet

$150.00 MYR

Materials: - Gerbera - Rose - Wax Flower - Dusty Miller - Imported Seasonal Mix Flower   Size: Height: +/-40cm Width: +/- 30cm *estimated size for 5 stalks rose bouquet (as sample photo)

Feeling Fabulous Flower Bouquet

$250.00 MYR

Materials: - Spray Rose - Bull Eyes - Peris - Snow Flower - Seasonal Flowers Mix   Size: Height: +/-35cm Width: +/-25cm

Showing 1 - 12 of 16 item(s)